Generate tokens to log a user into a Box web application




  • MartinFabian

    I am looking at this message ("Generate tokens to log a user into a Box web application") right now. What does it even mean...?

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  • Kourtney

     Hmm I'm not too sure exactly what setting   is referencing. The first thing that came to mind is found in configuration tab of the developer console and it's called "generate user access tokens". Just like in the webapp, users are only able to make successful API calls to content they own or collaborate on. API calls are made using tokens and tokens essentially identify the user taking the action. Therefore, there are situations where applications need to generate a token directly for a user that has access to the content they need. Another approach to this is using an admin token along with the as-user header. I hope that helped clarify a bit but please let me know if you have outstanding questions! 




    Box Technical Support Engineer

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