Box For Salesforce: Looking for some documentation on how to change default folder structure




  • jszesq

    I need to be very careful and preface this response with: We have been an SFDC Partner for 12 years, a box Partner since the program started and a partner. I am expressing personal views here, I would be very reticent to proceed with this in a production environment without "official sanction"


    The box-Saleforce integration has been around for a fair number of years in the base incarnation. IMO, the integration is rather "brittle" in the way it relies on FolderIDs and objects between box and Salesforce..changing something on one side IS NOT CERTAIN TO CAUSE A CHANGE ON THE OTHER SIDE. ONCE YOU BREAK THE INTEGRATION IT IS AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE TO TRY TO PUT BACK TOGETHER...LOTS OF CODING AND COMMAND LINE. As a network person and admin not a coder the last time I did it I had an effing nightmare.


    At this point, we are using for any custom integration we need between salesforce and is a much more robust option and rumor has it that is working on its own salesforce/box integration. 


    I hope this helps and my fingers are crossed that something good is going to happen here. 

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