Direct download link to a BOX file




  • LoCortes

    Hello ,


    to download files you have the REST API:



    That would be the proper way to do it. But, the appuser has to have access to the file. The shared link will not be always available and I would not use it as the way to retrieve documents.


    I hope that helps.



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  • ant_cappuccio



    we know that we can download a file via API.


    We would like to know if there is a general rule/algorithm to apply in order to build the complete HTTP link to a file in a BOX folder, for visualizing the files in BOX UI or downloading or managing the files acccording to the user grants on such file.


    Another question: if the file owner create a shared link to a files and an expiration date is not set, could you confirm us that the created shared link will not expire?


    Thanks, Antonio

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  • fbertellotti

    can anyone help on this point ? 


    thanks for your help its really slowing down our project ! 




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  • LoCortes

    Hello Antonio,


    I would say that there is no a general rule. At least I am not aware of any. I mean, when you execute the${"fileID"}/content method that returns a temporary URL like the following one:



    So.. to download a document the only URL to be built is the one with the API. What I do not get is what do you try to do 🙂 I mean, the URL to be built using the rest services is pretty easy and it is the pattern that you are searching for (for what I understood).


    The only reason to use the "Shared links" approach I understand is because you are using an "open security shared link". I understand that the app you have opens those links that do not need authentication. Am I right? That way you can bypass the authentication step.


    Sorry for not being able to help further on that.


    Thank you.


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  • SalsaShark42

    Is there a reason you can't programmatically generate the shared link?

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  • Asif Kamboh

    Asif Kamboh has explained on his blog how to create a direct download link of files with the help of pictures.

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