Two or more concurrent requests to Box API method causing problem




  • Murtza


     You can make concurrent requests to our API. As you design your system, please keep in mind our soft limit of 10 API calls per user per second.



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  • dkalrasam

    Thanks for prompt reply, but I think I couldn’t clear my query, well here is the scenario, please have a look.


    I have created two apps


    1. Token Refresher :- Refreshes the token after every 55 minutes and stores the token in database, also stores users in database (but only first time when utility started)
    2. File Meta Data Downloader :- it fetches one users from database one by one and downloads file meta data for that user.


    Now when I run two instances of “file meta data downloader” utility, I get the error as mentioned above. As I am trying to download “file meta data” for users at a time simultaneously.

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