OAuth and Box Web App Integrations




  • jmoldow_box



    When you created your app, the page should have told you the client id and client secret. If you need to see them again, you can go back to https://app.box.com/developers/services, open your app, and see them both listed on the page.

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  • Box Product Support

    Hi, yes I see these fields.


    If I use the client id and the client secret provided in my web app integration, what will the permissions be for the user that is given the OAuth access and refresh tokens? i.e. what happens when an enterprise admin uses the web app integration versus a user with only viewer rights?


    Does the OAuth token uphold those permissions or is the only possibility to use the web app's own client secret and id?

    I am sorry if I am misunderstanding here.


    Thank you very much! 

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