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  • rbratton

    Hi Cam!


    I may be totally misreading what you are trying to accomplish, but in our application we are using the Service Account to deal with all our Box content.  I think if you need the Enterprise token, the following may not apply to you.  I'm using the .NET SDK.


    All I do to get a BoxClient I can use to upload files and get shared links is the following:


                // Initialize the SDK with the Box token data and create a client that uses the Service Account.
                var session = new BoxJWTAuth(BoxConfig.CreateFromJsonString(accessTokenData));
                return session.AdminClient(session.AdminToken());

    The accessTokenData is the text inside the JSON JWT token file you should have downloaded from your Box Developer account when you created your app.  I save the returned BoxClient instance and use it elsewhere in my class to use Box services.


    I didn't see the info about creating a "pre-configured" SDK instance, so I'm not doing it, but the above works for me.


    Hope this helps!


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  • Howard

    Thanks  for your help with this post!


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    Thanks for your time in the community and appreciate your help in the community

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