Metadata Cascade Policy not working




  • Brooke Xu

    Hi, could I receive some help with this?


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  • Pamela Cox

    I have the same problem. We've built a whole filing system based on cascading metadata (because we can't get a Digital Asset Management system), and it's extremely disappointing that it's not working when we are actually putting it into practice. Also disappointing that no one has been able to answer this in a year's time. Did you ever put in a support ticket? Wondering if that's our next step.

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  • James T Sandoval

    Hello! I am about to have my agency utilize as a DAM needing this very specific feature. I have tested and have found similar issues when trying to enable the cascade policy and is concerning seeing similar issues happening to others. I hope they were able to fix it for you. I'm still experimenting to see if it is user error, but my fear is that it is not. Was this ever resolved? Pamela Cox Brooke Xu

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