API - How to get FileRequestId from a FileRequestUrl?




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    Alex Novotny


    This screenshot if from our API documentation file requests page. That should help you find the id. Does this help solve your issue? 


    Alex, Box Developer Advocate

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  • Roberto Mejia

    I'm having the same issue. I used that file request id that the documentation said to use, but it says that it's not found.

    I suspect the problem is a scope issue. I created the template as suggested in https://developer.box.com/guides/file-requests/template/ using my admin account on a shared folder owned by the service account. Because I created the template with my account, I assume the service account has no visibility to said template.

    Is my suspicion correct?

    If so, how do I create a File Request using the service account? How do I copy it from my account into the service account?

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