Box Drive 'Folder' Icon No Longer Showing Up On Desktop




  • France

    Hi Edgar, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    As you have probably noticed, there have been some changes in this latest version of Drive, and they are all outlined in the article Using Box Drive on macOS File Provider Extension (FPE) mode, but the biggest one most folks notice right away is that Drive no longer appears under Favorites or on the Desktop by default. However, Drive can be manually re-added to these locations for your convenience. The instructions in Apple's Customize the Finder toolbars on Mac article will outline how to go about this.

    A few more of the changes and new limitations are as follows:
    • Overlay icons are refreshed to align with other system icons.

    • The Box folder has a different mount location for FPE, compared to kernel-based Drive:

      • These are controlled by macOS, not Box Drive, and could change without notice

      • In FPE mode: ~/Library/CloudStorage/Box-Box

      • In kernel-based mode: ~/Box

    • Box is now available under "Locations" in Finder.

    • Files dragged and dropped from a user's local drive into Box need to be moved instead of copied.

    For details, please don't hesitate to visit this article

    Thanks for your post and let us know how else we can help!

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  • Haim Baruh

    Your response is useless. I had box on the favorites on my finder. When I go to finder and click the desktop icon, I don't see Box, because it is not there. If I click on box it says "original cannot be found"

    As the previous user suggested, the drive is no longer on desktop and there is no way I can add it, unless I am a professional user with a deep knowledge of kernels.

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