CLI Folder Collaboration+Move+Delete for 100+ Users




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    Alex Novotny


    The docs section of our CLI SDK library has tons of examples of commands you are looking to write. We also have a quick start  on our developer site to help you get started. Beyond that, I would recommend reaching out to Box Consulting for more enablement or custom scripting. 


    Alex, Box Developer Advocate

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  • Drew Kaurloto

    I was able to refine it down to the following command, doing so eliminates most of the difficulty.

    box users:move-root-content --bulk-file-path=~/bulk_move_root_content.csv

    This CSV has two columns, USERID and NEWUSERID. I already tested it successfully with a single entry.


    The hurdle now is to export the USERID for all users that haven’t logged in within 90 days. The Web GUI Reports unfortunately don’t include USERID, and the CLI doesn’t seem to be able to filter for last logon.


    Worst case scenario I can attempt a crude spreadsheet comparison and join the USERID info from the CLI export to the GUI report – but I would like to keep it as precise as possible. Anyone tackle this before?

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