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    Hi Josh, 

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    To confirm, are you the owner of the folder or is it owned by someone else? If you own this folder, please go to your "Account settings > Sharing" tab and check if the option "People who can access shared links" is set to People with the link, people in your company, and people in this folder

    The following options can also be modified in your account settings depending on who you wish to share your files/ folders to:

    • Allow Shared Links for - You can choose to only allow shared links for files, folders, or disable shared links altogether (for content you own).
    • People who can access shared links - Set who can access content you own via shared links. This will limit the access types you can set when sending a shared link.
    • Default access for new linksSet the access type that generated shared links will use by default. You can still change the access type when you generate a shared link.
    • Actions link recipients can take - Control the actions users can take after they access content via a shared link.

    Otherwise, if this folder is owned by someone else, you will have to reach out to the other user and have them check their Account settings to enable the above access type.

    For more details, please see: 

    Thanks for reaching out and let us know how else we can help!


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  • Josh Frankel

    Thank you!

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