programmatically login to box via okta and add files

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  • Alex Novotny


    What you are looking to do is possible, but we don't have a full fledged portal example for developers to use. You should take a look at our UI elements and other developer documentation. My peers Olga and Rui also recently did some blog posts on using UI elements. 

    Outside of this, you can reach out to Box Consulting to help develop this custom solution. 

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  • Rui Barbosa

    Hi Adams,

    I wonder if this Connect Okta identities to Box App Users in a web app guide can help you...

    We also have a few python examples using flask that might be interesting since they partially touch your use case. They all use a combination of UI Elements, the box-python-sdk and a flask web app.

    Getting started with Box Python SDK and JWT (JWT + UI Elements)

    Getting started with Box Python SDK and OAuth 2.0 (oAuth + UI Elements)

    Dive into the Box Platform

    a sample portal with JWT authentication, UI Elements, file and folder manipulation and document sign.

    Hopefully this is "close enough" for you to get started.

    Let us know,


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