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  • Rui Barbosa

    Hi Scott,

    Not sure how you have your app authentication configured, but consider this:

    JWT App configured as:

    • App+Enterprise access
    • All content actions (read/write all files)
    • All administrative actions
    • Make API calls using the as-user header
    • Generate user access token

    Just because this app has all the privileges above, the sharing permissions still apply, and unless the user in question explicitly shared the folder with the app service user, the app service user won't be able to find the files.

    However an app configured as above, does have the capability to impersonate a user with the as-user flag.

    From your code I don not see where your getting a new client impersonating (as-user) any other user.

    I do not have a C# example handy, but follow the steps on the script source code:

    • Create a destination folder as the new user (as-user), this returns a destination folder
    • Transfer the content from old user to new user (app user), this returns a new transferred folder
    • Move the transferred folder into the destination folder (as-user)

    Let us know if this helped.

    Best regards



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