Getting 403: Permission Denied error when using JWT Auth. credentials to upload, download and delete file from Box

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  • Rui Barbosa


    That is a bit odd, so let's try to troubleshoot.

    Since I don't know what stack you're using I'll use the CLI.

    Consider the following service user associated with the CLI:

    ❯ box users:get --fields type,id,name,login --csv

    When I try to list the items of another user folder, I get a 404 not found error (not insufficient privileges):

    ❯ box folders:items 191494027812 --fields type,id,name --csv
    Unexpected API Response [404 Not Found | 30gxkzhayvxsghbq.09370dd2894de2edb1012daaedb3b1e3a] not_found - Not Found

    If the other user adds this service user as an editor to the folder:

    Note: This sharing with a service user might be the source of the issue. You have to share using the auto generated login of the service user.

    Then I get the items of the folder:

    ❯ box folders:items 191494027812 --fields type,id,name --csv

    Now if I remove the share of the folder I get back to the 404 error:

    ❯ box folders:items 191494027812 --fields type,id,name --csv
    Unexpected API Response [404 Not Found | haxvdhayw2nfpwp.0932536f44bf64cb51d7f8c94c1e92d8a] not_found - Not Found

    This JWT app is configured as:

    • Enterprise access
    • All content actions (read/write all files)
    • All administrative actions
    • Make API calls using the as-user header
    • Generate user access token

    This means it can impersonate the user, so this works even with the explicit share, which from your description seems more appropriate:

    ❯ box folders:items 191494027812 --fields type,id,name --csv --as-user 18622116055

    From the information you included, it should work, so play with these concepts to help narrow down the causes, and look into if the as-user is a more appropriate solution for your user case, since it avoids having to explicitly share each folder with the service user.

    Let us know if this helped.

    Best regards



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