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"developer plan" no longer available

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  • Rui Barbosa

    Hi Ray,

    You are correct and we apologize for that.

    The developer account is not going away, it is just temporarily disabled.

    I don't know when it will be available again, however, for now, and considering it is a team mate, perhaps you can share your account and just add your team member. If that is an option of course.

    Again our apologies for this situation.

    Best regards


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  • Frederic Ribau

    Hi Rui

    - Thanks for the explanation -

    it seems we suffer from the same symptom as we try to create an App (using the free version )and unfortunately, we can't 'authorize' the app as there is no admin console (so can't get the Token)..

    Any help is welcome!

    Thanks, Fred

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  • Rui Barbosa

    Hi Frederic,

    I beg for your and the developer community patience.

    The situation is being resolved, and the functionality will be back soon.


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