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    Peter Christensen


    There is flag you can set when you create the metadata template.

    'copyInstanceOnItemCopy': Whether or not to copy any metadata attached to a file or folder when it is copied. By default, metadata is not copied along with a file or folder when it is copied.

    I don't think the API allows you to change the value once the template is created so you will probably have to re-create the template with the value set

    Best regards,

    Peter Christensen, Platform Solutions Engineer, Box

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  • szinski

    Thanks, Peter, that helps a lot!

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  • MP Coates

    By default the value is set to false. You can change this value to true within the API - Update Metadata Template

    You will need to define your template scope and key, but this is the fix.

    [{"op": "editTemplate", "data": {"copyInstanceOnItemCopy": true}}]
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