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    Chase Lyall

    Hi Doug,

    The stream_position is a bit of a misnomer when stream_type = admin_logs (i.e. Enterprise Events). Specifically for Enterprise Events, stream_position is a cursor position in chronological event time (not ingestion or processing time), so it does not guarantee at least once delivery for late arriving events to subscribers polling from this API. Events are not dropped, but if they are ingested by Box later than your polling window then they will not be pulled in your request. Therefore, we recommend for Enterprise Events you use the created_after and created_before parameters instead, and then follow one of two patterns: (1) when near real time latency is not necessary, please wait to pull events so late arriving events have time to be ingested and made available. And (2) if near real time latency is necessary, then we recommend you poll in near real time (every 1 to 10 minutes), and additionally poll every hour or 24 hours to catch and refill late arriving events. (2) appears to be what you are doing with your primary and secondary polling cycles. Events can be late either because the user is working offline, user has poor network connection, or because Box is experiencing peak load and a backlog of event ingestion.

    We understand that this re-polling strategy to catch late events is painful, so we are currently developing a long term fix that will ensure at least once delivery to downstream subscribers and greatly reduce the likelihood of Box experiencing an ingestion backlog. Look forward to more news about this improvement towards the end of this year.

    Best regards,


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  • Doug Braam

    Hey Chase

    Thank you for the quick and detailed response - I believe you confirmed our assumptions after seeing this behaviour. 

    Does Box provide any "expected" latency range for late arriving events? With your first pattern suggestion, how long of a delay off of "real-time" would you recommend? Any information on this would be much appreciated.

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  • Chase Lyall

    Sorry, but we do not have an SLA for the event API. Our aim under peak load is for ingestion latency to spike no higher than 5 minutes. However, in a few rare incidents that we have since worked to resolve and prevent, we have seen ingestion latency spike as high as 36 hours. In addition, events can be late naturally due to a user working offline. Therefore, we recommend your secondary API request cycle be 24 hours, but you can certainly adjust this based on your needs and tolerances.

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