Can free plan use Limited-access app API?

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  • Dexter696

    I'm trying to find exact same answer - I assume that authorization is not possible for free accounts at this point.... So confusing how it is communicated from team, every material is pointing different direction without explanation...

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  • Lucky Degen

    It seems that nothing is working on free accounts.

    Just tried another way described in the docs:

    Box View Authentication with App Tokens

    Box View uses a long-lived access token that is generated from the Box Developer Console to make API calls. These access tokens cannot be automatically refreshed from the SDK, and must be manually changed in your application code.

    To use the primary or secondary access token generated in the Developer Console, simply create a basic client with that token:

    var BoxSDK = require('box-node-sdk');
    var sdk = new BoxSDK({
    	clientID: 'YOUR-CLIENT-ID',
    	clientSecret: 'unused'
    var client = sdk.getBasicClient('YOUR-APP-TOKEN');

    but receiving:

    "Expired Auth: Auth code or refresh token has expired [401 Unauthorized]"
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  • Rui Barbosa

    Hi folks,

    Unfortunately these functionalities had to be temporarily disabled.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, it should be back soon.

    Best regards  

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