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  • Bibek

    Hi ,

    If you are looking for whom the folder or file is being shared using "shared_link" then, there is no way to get it BUT if you are looking for a way to get the collaborator/s on that specific folder then you have to do the following:

    • Run this on the folder with the folder_ID
      curl \
      -H "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN"
    • As a result you will get a collaboration ID or IDs associated with the folder. 
      "type": "collaboration",
                  "id": "14176246",
    • In this step use those collaboration IDs to get the individual collaborator name, login and type:
      curl \
      -H "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN"
    • sample result
      accessible_by": {
              "type": "user",
              "id": "18203124",
              "name": "sean",
              "login": "***"

    Hope this helps.




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  • amatta

    Hi Bibek,

    Thank you for the information. Actually I know this information exist in collaborator activity.  But i want exact person to whom I have shared the file/folder. Seems box does not giving this information.

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