Data retrieval through metadata

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  • Murtza

    As you mentioned, it takes 10 minutes for our search index to reflect a newly uploaded file and its metadata. 


    If you need to retrive a file's metadata within this 10 minute search index period, you can store the file id returned after uploading a file to Box. With the file id, you can use the Get Metadata On File endpoint to get the file's metadata.


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  • jwu



    Thanks for replying.

    But what I actualy want is to retrive only specific files that satisfy the metadata value.

    Because I hav lot of files on Box Side.Retriving all files and checking there meta data hampers performance.

    I want to extract only files that satisfy metadata value I specify and that too my application works such that

    I upload a new file and page gets refreshed to extract files from box.

    And this refreshed page should have uploaded file as it is satisfying meta data specified value

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