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Understanding the Search API query parameter

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  • LoCortes

    Hello ,

    I've done some testing to see what could be useful to you.


    You have to have in mind that there is a mandatory field that is the query parameter. That is the only needed field. (Unless you search by metadata template that in that case you would need the mdfilters object).


    So, to search for an extension I would use the same value on the query and on the file_extensions parameter:
















    As you can see, I've used the extension ppt on query and file_extensions. As the name of the file contains it, it works.


    Maybe this way it would cover your need.




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  • jeff00docusign

    I understand this is a reply to a question dated 2017.


    It is still not clear to me why parameter "query" required when there are other parameters may be sufficient for searching for one or more items.


    If a /search request is for items of type folder within a specific ancestor_folder_ids, then the parameter query would not be needed.


    How would I use parameter query if seeking all entries that are of type folder or type file?

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