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  • jcleblanc

    Hi ,


    The mismatch error will come in if you're using OAuth 2 as the auth type and the URI in your app configuration on Box doesn't match the URI that you're using for a redirect in the app. If one isn't specified, it'll still be a mismatch.


    It sounds to me like you have your app configured for OAuth 2, but you don't want to include the redirect step. With OAuth 2 you always have to include a redirect, so you'll want to set up your app for JWT auth instead.


    From the Android SDK that means that you will need to use the developer edition documentation and guidance instead. Just as a heads up, the integration of JWT auth in the Android SDK is less defined than OAuth 2, or what appears in the other SDKs. It's on our list to rewrite, but for the time being it'll take a bit more work to get integrated. The documentation I linked should provide guidance on that.


    - Jon

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  • TPark_RL

    Jon - Thanks for the reply.


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