File uploaded successfully, but do not see it in box

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  • jcleblanc

    Hi ,


    This is one of the subtle differences with the tokens. With a developer token, it points to you (the developer) and your Box account, hence why you see the files in When you called getAppEnterpriseConnection that pointed to your application service account, which is the programmatic account / space behind your app. 


    You can see the files in the service account with the following:

    • Go to the content section of the admin console (you'll need enterprise admin access for this)
    • Click on the "Users" dropdown, then click on the name of the user that matches your application name.
    • The file you uploaded should be present there.

    If you instead want to upload to your account, you'll need to perform the upload action as a user. You can either generate a user access token instead of the one for the service account that you have (docs here) or just use an As-User header with the call (docs here).


    Hope that helps,


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  • hc.mahesh


    Even i am facing the same issue and when I try to upload the same file again, it says file already exists. However, i don't see it in

    When I go to content section (with admin access), I don't see any users dropdown. Where do i check the file ?


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