Understanding a files URL when viewed in Box

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  • Bibek

    Hi ,

    Like you said, there is no other way to customize that URL as of yet. Again I am not sure why you would want to change that behaviour. Do you have any specific requirement for that? 


    Box convention: 

    For folder it adds "f"  /0/f/

    For files it adds "1" first and then adds   f_  i.e.   /0/f//1/f_

    so basically "/0/f" will always be there even it's file or folder becuase "0" is the root folder.


    User will only be able to open files or folder using this URL scheme only if the user is owner or the user is collaborated to that folder other wise this won't work. I assume you already know that.  




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  • StingLikeABee

    Thanks ,


    What I am really after is a standard url where the folder id doesn't have to be part of the viewing URL.  So I was hoping that maybe I could play around with the URL format some if it was possible.  The system we integrate with nicely stores the Id in a standard table but the folder is not able to be stored in standard tables so I was hoping to get around it somehow.  Obviously we can store the folder in custom tables or we can also do a quick api call before we attempt to view it to get the parent folder that its stored in.   Basically was just curious if I had any other options.  Thanks for the input!



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