What happens when an upload is caught by virus scan?

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    bump... also need this answer.

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  • rarce

    I can't tell you what a developer sees but I can tell you what happens. The person that uploaded the file and the admins (assuming you have notifications "on") get an email telling you it happened. Box does not stop the upload. Here's an example of what is in the email to the Box admins:


    Subject: WARNING: Virus detected for file 'Uninstall.exe'

    Body of Email:

    Virus detected for file 'Uninstall.exe'

    • Uploaded by: ***@example.com
    • File name: Uninstall.exe
    • Folder owner: ***@example.com
    • Path: All Files / All SRS Cases / 08359563 - **removed** / Users / Karin / AppData / Local / Temp / nsz3DA2.tmp
    • Upload date: Nov 14, 2016, 10:25:47 AM PST

    The file can be accessed and deleted by logging in to the folder owner's account through the Admin Console {below this is a graphic of a button that takes you to Admin Console}

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