How to send Box-Notifications header with the value off in BOX API .Net??

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  • Murtza

     I am not sure if I fully understand your question. Just to clarify, are you asking how to turn turn off email notifications for a specific folder?

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  • dkalrasam

    Hello Murtza,

                         Thanks for time. I got reference from following link:

    It says about passing a header Box-Notification with a value off.

    I am using box c# api from GIT but unable to find any way to pass this header .


    Can you suggest?


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  • Murtza

     Thanks for clarifying.


    You can add a header by modifying the AddDefaultHeaders method in the BoxResourceManager class. Adding a header in this method will add a header to all requests you make with this SDK to the Box API. Please see the example below.


        protected IBoxRequest AddDefaultHeaders(IBoxRequest request)
                    .Header(Constants.RequestParameters.UserAgent, _config.UserAgent);
                    .Header(Constants.RequestParameters.AcceptEncoding, _config.AcceptEncoding.ToString());
                    /// Add a header to suppress notifications
                    .Header("Box-Notifications", "off");
                if (!String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(_asUser))
                    request.Header(Constants.RequestParameters.AsUser, _asUser);
                return request;


    To follow the conventions of our SDK, you would store the string for the header key in the Constants class and store the string for header value in the BoxConfig class.

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  • bahushekh

    Thanks Murtza,

                               It is helpful. Although I was assuming that it would be configurable( without rebuilding the lib can be set from code).


    Thanks for the help.

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  • dkalrasam

    Thanks. This is what I was looking for.

    But now after adding this header I am gettting error "Forbidden" while making an API Call..

    e.g. I am using UsersManager.GetEnterpriseUsersAsync call to get all the users in enterprise.

    If I use lib without the box-notification header it works fine but if i add the  header it started returning 'Forbidden"


    Is there any other settings required in Box Application.?

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