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Can Collaboration Levels be Different Between a Child and Parent Folder?

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  • jmoldow_box

    Having different collaboration levels is possible, but not in the way you described.


    It is possible to, e.g. grant someone Editor permissions on folder A/B/, but only grant them Viewer permissions on folder A/. To do that, first give them the Editor collaboration on folder A/B/, and then later add the Viewer permission on folder A/.


    The reverse is not possible. The Box permissions model uses "waterfall" permissions. So all permissions granted on folder A/, are also available on all descendants of A. So it is not possible to "remove" the editor permissions in a sub-tree.


    See https://community.box.com/t5/Collaboration-and-Sharing/Folder-And-Subfolder-Permissions/ta-p/157 .


    So what you want to do is not possible.


    Instead, you could have a completely separate top-level folder for completed projects, and collaborate that as Viewer. Then, when the project is done, you can move its folder over to that location.

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