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Understanding API Rate-Limits

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  • SalsaShark42

    I believe the rate limits are, in part, based on what level of service you have.  The best way to get the actual numbers is to open a ticket.  I've been given different answers depending on who, at Box, I speak with.


    That said,they tend to recommend an exponential backoff approach, which I don't personally find to be very practical.  What I can tell you is that the API limits are per user


    One of my applications is a headless bulk-loader that monitors for documents added to a filesystem and loads them into Box.  It has a pool of 25 Box App Users to work from.  If I get a 429 error (too many API calls), then I switch to a different App User and resubmit the request.  That's gotten me around the problem without signficantly impacting performance.

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  • aclark1

    Thanks SalsaShark42 this does help.

    I think I'm going to try and ask about my limit as a support case.  I'm hoping it's a set number and not something too compliated but I'll find out.


    Thanks for the insight, gives me some idea at how I can handle a similar (albeit, one time) migration request on my end.

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