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  • joemeadows

    Another vote for 2FA improvements, NOW, please. Unless a company has an SSO solution in place (uncommon for many smaller firms), Box offers nothing other than SMS for 2FA, to my knowledge, and as others have noted in other threads, that’s hardly a truly secure solution. This neglect is now inexcusable for a cloud storage company, and a glaring weak point of Box. Even Dropbox offers better 2FA! Something as simple as TOTP (e.g., Authy) would be a huge advance and easily implemented. Please stop subjecting customers to security concerns, Box, and get serious about a real solution. Enough is enough on this issue

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  • dhomburg

    SMS 2FA is too insecure. Time to get serious, with authenticator support or we'll have to dump you for compliance reasons.  

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  • JP_GPS

    Seriously, yes, WHAT is the hold up?


    I want to recommend Box's use but this kills that.


    InfoSec-literate folks WILL take their business elsewhere.

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  • Kourtney

    Hello All - 


    We hear you! If you haven't already, please ensure you share your feedback at pulse.box.com. Doing a quick search for all 2fa, here are some related requests: https://pulse.box.com/forums/909778-help-shape-the-future-of-box?query=2fa.


    Why is Box Pulse the best place for this feedback? Our product team directly monitors these requests and is held to providing status updates, which you can read more about here.


    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback to help us keep improving!! 




    Box Technical Support Engineer

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