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Folder Creation Automation

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  • jcleblanc

    Hi ,


    Here are the extent of the Box Platform integrations for Salesforce: 

    1. Box SDK for Salesforce: https://github.com/box/box-salesforce-sdk
    2. Salesforce Developer Toolkit: https://developer.box.com/en/guides/tooling/salesforce-toolkit/

    If those don't meet the needs for your project I would suggest one of the following:

    1. You can file an issue on the Github SDK to have them take a look into integrating features for your needs.
    2. You can file a request with Box Pulse to make a formal request for the features, which will be triaged by the PMs for the specific teams. 

    Hope that helps,


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  • jamespullman

    I too am interested in automatically creating a related Box folder on the embedded Box.com integration in our Salesforce Instance every time a record is created if that object/record contains the Box.com integration. I am not a developer but I am our SF and Box admin and we would be interested in hiring this automation development work be done if someone finds it is possible. 


    If you have made any progress on this or identified a way this could be done, please let me know.

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  • jamespullman

     Since my last post, I found a very competent developer that executed exactly this need for us. Automated the creation of a box folder every time a record is created and they also populated the numerical folder id to a Salesforce field on the record called "Box_Folder_ID__c" which we than use to build a formula field with the box URL. We are very happy with the results.


    I will share this thread with him so he can reply and post his contact information if he would like. 

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  • sfcrmguy

    We've done quite a few interesting things with Box and Salesforce.  We are doing this kind of work already for several clients.   It was a bit of challenge getting through it all so I recommend getting a little help.  The kinds of things possible that we've done includes:

    • creating folder(s) when a record is created,   Adding special permissions.
    • having an embedded widget into the record's folder beyond the structure offered by default widget
    • removing folders/files when certain criteria is met (like case gets closed)
    • populating salesforce objects with file info when a file is dropped into Box directly.
    • Triggering workflow or Events in Salesforce when a file is dropped into Box
    • Copying files from Salesforce to Box on approval, if file was uploaded to Salesforce.
    • Custom widget for Salesforce communities.


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