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  • jcleblanc

    Hi ,


    At the current time there isn't a public roadmap for Elements releases. This is one feature that has been requested a few times though. Here's what I would recommend - take a look at this Github issue on the Elements project. Once work is being targeted that will be one of the first notification areas.


    With that said, let's look at a potential way of implementing this. If I were implementing something like this I would look at using the Content Explorer events. Here's the general flow:

    1. Event is triggered, such as folder selection.
    2. Parse the event response and get info on what was selected.
    3. Using a server-side Box integration process the download (e.g. using the Node SDK). 

    You can also push that to a front end component if you'd prefer, but if you do just be aware of token exposure in front-end code (token downscoping is great for that) and any potential CORS errors.

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  • carroljr

    I think that will work. Helpful as always, thanks Jonathan!

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