Box Authentication from Third-Party app, authorization expiration issue

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  • Nayak

    hi , Box does provide Oauth2 based authentication where the integrations can keep the session active with long lived refresh token (60days) and generate an access token (short lived 1 hour) to make any API calls. This approach must be implemented in the native Tableau connector to ensure that users AD credentials are not cached and avoiding the need for users to enter new password everytime they change their AD password.



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  • VMayor

    Hi Nayak, all,


    Exactly, I do not see a way to keep a session longer than 60 days (max age of an access token in box). 


    With the use of Service Accounts, they were able to connect to BOX without any kind of renew process (that requires a re-republishment). 


    I just wanted to see if there's any other kind of tokens in box or if the token max time could be extended.



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