App invited as collaborator on folder but still lists as Pending

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    Hey Sarah, 


    Are you referring to a JWT app's service account (AutomationUser)? If so, can you try the following: 

    • go to the admin console
    • go to the content manager and find the name of your app on the left hand side
    • right click on the app name for "login to user's account"
    • click on the circle in the top right corner > select account settings from the dropdown 
    • go to the sharing tab and see if "automatically accept incoming invitations" is selected or not 




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  • Sarah Olson

    I logged in as the App (which I had not known one could do, thanks :D), and confirmed that "Automatically Accept Incoming Invitations" was checked.

    However, prior to that, I noticed that the App had received a notification that it had to "Accept terns of service".  Once I did that, the invitation indeed went through automatically, and the App now shows up in the folder's list of Collaborators.

    I never would have found that without your suggestion; thanks very much for your help!

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  • Kourtney

    Wonderful! I'm so glad to hear that helped lead you down the right path. I'll take an action item back to the team to see if we can document this somewhere in case others encounter the same issue :D

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