Allow Box Integration to have access to all files and folders that the user has permission for

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  • jcleblanc

    Hi Perry,

    Within that integrations tab that you're looking at for an OAuth 2 application that you're looking at, those will be settings if you want to create a Box web application, which is essentially your app hosted on the Box application gallery that may be enabled by other customers in their Box integration. So basically, it's an app that extends 

    With that said, it sounds like you just want people to use your app outside of Box and be able to have them log in / approve the app, and your app can access all of their details. If that's the case, don't set anything on the integrations tab, and just set the appropriate scopes you need under the configuration tab for read / write files.

    If you do however want the web app integration type that I mentioned earlier, those will unfortunately be the restrictions, since it's tightly couples to the UI of Box and acting within a single folder on, typically, a single file.

    - Jon

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