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  • ruchikosh

    1. Box Custom Applications user is not visible under "Users & Groups"

    2. In order to add collaborators to the app account folder you need to add it through the APIs itself. Once added then you would be able to view the folder in the added users account.

    Other way to do this is, only a box primary admin can login into custom application accounts, you can request the primary admin to login to this account and add a user.

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  • Joseph Brunner

    Hi Ruchikosh,


    Thanks for the quick response.

    To clarify, I'm trying to do what you explain in 2.

    Specifically I'm using the Box Java SDK to retrieve a User Group so that I can collaborate that group in to a Folder the App has created in Box.

    When I log in as my User to verify that the User Group exists, I can see the User Group.

    However, the App cannot find that User Group using the Java SDK so it cannot collaborate the User Group in.

    Is there some permission that the Box App needs in order to be able to see that User Group?  



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  • ruchikosh

    Have you tried with the "Managed Groups" scope? 

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