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    Hello Zohaib! I apologize for the inconvenience this is causing for the users of your Cloud Duplicate Finder application. There's unfortunately nothing we are able to do here to resolve the issue, as our rate limits are in place to protect the Box infrastructure. We require all applications leveraging the Box APIs to be architected to abide by our publicly documented rate limits.. The retry-after header returned in the 429 response provides guidance on the number of seconds to wait before the next API call can be retried. If you haven't already, we also recommend implementing an exponential backoff algorithm (that this logic is already built into our SDKs).

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  • kmccreery

    Hi Zohaib, 

    I am a member of the Box Developer Product team and we're currently researching how we can better expose errors and responses to customers to understand their app health. If you'd be open to talking more about how you discovered these errors, I'm very interested to learn about your experience. Go ahead and sign up via this form and I will reach out. Thank you!

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