Issues with access folders/files after successful login with client = Client(auth)

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    Hey Marin, 


    By default, the service account user isn't going to have any content shared with it. Have you added this user as a collaborator on the content you'd like it to return?




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  • Marin Botev



    Exception reporting mode: Verbose
    <boxsdk.client.client.Client object at 0x000001FA17F1B4C0>
    Service Account user ID is XXXXXXXXXXX
    Items <boxsdk.pagination.limit_offset_based_object_collection.LimitOffsetBasedObjectCollection object at 0x000001FA185D47C0>
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  • Marin Botev

    Hi Kourtney,

    thank you for your prompt reply, your suggestion is spot on!

    The "Box Application User" has a different Collaborator Email generated automatically by Box and completely separated Box "Container".

    What confused me is that  I'm actually the Developer and I did select "Enterprise" application access. 

    After your comment, using the "Box Admin Console" I found the Application User content space using the "Content Manager". I was happy to find my "lost" Box Folders I created using the Box REST API.

    By chance, I did right-click on the user in the "Content Manager" and manage to login into his Box account.
    That way I found the Email address for that "Box Application User" and use that Email address to add as a Collaborator and all in order now.

    For some reason, I missed instructions for the steps above when creating my Box Application.

    Thank you again!

    Kind regards,



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