• Official comment

    Just to follow up, the fix to properly set the redirect uri in the app creation flow has been made, so this issue should no longer arise as folks use the Postman quickstart in the future.

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  • Kourtney

    Hey Lisa, 

    Did you select to use "existing box app"? If so, what scopes are selected on the app?


    Kourtney, Box Developer Advocate

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  • Zhonglan Zhang

    I'm stuck too at this URL:

    When I click 'Log In' , I got an error:

    Error: redirect_uri_missing

    I selected  to use 'Create new Box App'.

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  • jcleblanc

    Hi all,

    I'm seeing the issue in the flow - there appears to be a bug with the system automatically setting the redirect_uri for the app. To get past this issue until we can implement a fix, do the following:

    1. Go to and click on "My apps" at the top right to go into the developer app console. Make sure to log in using the same account that you're trying to use to set up the postman app.
    2. From the list, click on the app that says "Postman". This is the one that was automatically created in the flow.
    3. Click on the "Configuration" tab at the top.
    4. Under the "OAuth 2.0 Redirect URI" section, add in "". This is the callback that should have been set in the flow.
    5. Click on "Save Changes" at the top right to save the app.

    That should allow you to continue the flow and log in. If you've already left the page then instead of having Box create the app for you, select to use your own app. Under the section asking for your client ID / secret, add in the client ID / secret for this Postman app, which are listed under the "OAuth 2.0 Credentials" section of the same Configuration tab. 

    We're working on the bug to avoid this issue, but this should get you unblocked. Thanks for reporting this.

    - Jon

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