Retrieve List of Folders for an Owner

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    Hi Deb,

    There isn't an endpoint to fetch every folder that is owned by a user with 1 call, but here's how you would structure this:

    1. You'll get an access token for the user that you want to get the folders for.
    2. Then you'll call the list items in folder endpoint, passing in 0 as the folder ID. This will retrieve all files / folders at the root of that user's Box instance.
    3. Loop through that list of items, then for each folder you see, call the list items in folder endpoint endpoint again, and run the same process over again.

    Essentially you're setting up a recursive script to run through all folders, which will allow you to obtain a full list of user files / folders.

    Alternately, there's the transfer owned folders endpoint which will just allow you to transfer all of the files / folders / workflows from one account to another. This is an all or nothing call (transfers everything). 

    We also have this guide on user deprovisioning that might help.

    Hope that helps,


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  • John Alverson

    I am using this recursive method and it takes 45 minutes for 10,000 files. We have 800,000+ files we want to inventory using a 3rd party product. How can resolve the slow processing time?

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