App Access Only vs App + Enterprise Access

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    Hello Kristof, 

    Based on what you've described, app access only should be enough. Enterprise would need to be selected if your app needed to interact with managed users and their content. App only access means the app can only interact with the app's service account, app users, and their content. This is documented here

    I'm not sure I understand the last question though. Can you elaborate on this? "If I'd need to edit a user's file without his/her permission, do I need to switch to 'App + Enterprise Access". 




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  • Kristof Mattei

    Let's say I have a folder with ID 5, and in that there are 10 files, all created by ME.

    My app gets access to that folder, because we add it as Editor.

    Can my app iterate that folder with ID 5 and edit those files?

    The way I read the documentation is that those files would be considered content created by others, so I need App + Enterprise. Is that correct? 


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