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  • Jernigan, Elliott

    Update: I've been able to get the Developer Token to work by passing it to the following:

    Dim testtoken = New Box.V2.Auth.OAuthSession([Dev Token Redacted], [Dev Token Redacted], 3600, "bearer")

    myBoxClient = New Box.V2.BoxClient(Myconfig, testtoken)

    I can upload and download files now using Box.V2.Managers.BoxFilesManager with the auth session generated by the Dev token in myBoxClient. I believe I still have to use Await myBoxClient.Auth.AuthenticateAsync(Oauthcode) to get a token from the authorization code in order to graduate on to using the user interface to login rather than a temp code? Should I be looking elsewhere in the redirect URL for the auth code? "Box.config.requestToken =" seems like it should be the right thing...but then again maybe this is the token for the browser session rather than what I need for my app to login?

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