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    Alex Novotny

    Hey Kristin, 

    I'm going to try and help as best I can! 

    Service Account - When you create and authorize a JWT auth custom app, a service account is automatically created. This account represents the application, as well as creates a separate Box account to store the apps content - similar to a managed user, but you can't log in like a regular user in the main Box web app.

    Managed/External User - Managed and external users are essentially the same thing - the only difference is that external users are ones not in your specific Box enterprise instance. These are standard users that can log in via the main Box web app. 

    App User - Using a service account, you can create app users. An app user is a type of account that doesn't allow you to log in via the main Box web app, but still allows you to store a user's content - a custom portal would be a great example of this. 

    With your use case, it sounds like you might need two Box applications: one for internal usage that uses OAuth 2.0 and one for external collaboration with app users who use a custom portal of sorts. In any case, I would for sure look into working with our Box Consulting group. They help folks get these types of solutions up and running all the time. 

    Hope this helps, 

    Alex, Box Developer Advocate

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