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    Alex Novotny

    Correct! You will only get a marker if there are more results to grab. 


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  • Marie Rogers

    Hi Ritika,

    The Box API documentation includes a request example in Java using the getAllEnterpriseUsers method.

    The fields parameter is optional.

    Iterable<BoxUser.Info> users = BoxUser.getAllEnterpriseUsers(api, true, null); 

    // Get marker
    String marker = ((BoxResourceIterable<BoxUser.Info>) users).getNextMarker();



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  • Ritika raina

    Hi Marie,

    If I have only 2 users in that case why I am getting next marker.

    Assumption : I should get next marker only when there are lot of users and the limit exceeds the no. of users at a time otherwise next marker should be null.

    Need some clarification here.


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  • Ritika raina

    Hi Alex Novotny

    Can you please share a java sdk method by which I can set limit while getting enterprise users?

    In api call I can see there is an option of limit, offset but not from java side.

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  • Kamil Berdychowski
    Currently Box Java SDK does not allow user to set limit when getting enterprise users.
    The API is designed this way that we are hiding marker/offset usage. You start by getting iterator over users:
    Iterable<BoxUser.Info> users = BoxUser.getAllEnterpriseUsers(api, true, null);
    now all the magic happens within SDK as you iterate over. So once your iterator  returns false it means that there are no more users.
    users.forEach(u -> System.out.println(u.getName()));
    should print two users if there are only those.
    If you want to start from some position you can specify marker:
    Iterable<BoxUser.Info> users = BoxUser.getAllEnterpriseUsers(api, true, 'position_to_start_from);
    I've checked why you are getting next marker from SDK and it is API behaviour. If API returns any results it returns next_marker . This field will not be returned only when there are no users returned.
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