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  • Artur Jankowski

    Hi Kishan Patel

    Filtering events by `event_types` is only available for admin logs.
    So to do that you need to use one of these two methods:

    events =['ITEM_CREATE'])


    events =['ITEM_CREATE'])

    Please take a look into events documentation on python SDK for more details here

    The documentation that you pointed is related to the newest version of our SDK which is v.2.14.0.
    And in that version get_admin_events_streaming method was added.

    So I suppose you are using the older version and that's why you have this following issue:

    AttributeError: 'Events' object has no attribute 'get_admin_events_streaming'

    If you want to use this method, please update version of our SDK with the following command:

    pip install boxsdk --upgrade


    Hope this helps!

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