Python: Authenticate user in client app via SDK

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  • Alex Novotny

    Hey Chad, 

    First I will say that creating an application that essentially copies the function of Box Drive is not recommended. So if possible, I would steer you in that direction.  

    In terms of a custom option - if you don't want users to interact with the application OAuth 2.0 will not work.... JWT can assuming that you provide the application with as-user permissions. 

    Happy to chat further.


    Alex, Box Developer Advocate

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  • Chad Crider

    I haven't checked out Box Drive yet so I'll give that look. I just need an online depot where I can store files for the clients to use along with a place where the app can "phone home" to see if there's an update available and download it if so. Does Box Drive have the same Python API available?

    Also, this all has to take place in the background. I can't require my users to use another GUI. These aren't exactly tech savvy users I'm dealing with here lol

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