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File works fine in BOX DRIVE but is [supposedly] corrupt in Box.com

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    Ok this is the error message from box.com (app.box.com) view of this file in my Box online folder.  This exact same file shows up as successfully sync'd in my "Box Drive" folder on two devices; and both instances on the devices, Microsoft Excel can open, edit, and save the files normally.

    Attempted solution: I renamed the 'corrupt' file, and then uploaded into "Box Drive" a completely separate copy (yes I keep a copy in addition to Box Drive and Box.com - for good reason), let box.com refresh, and then attempted open but still get the error message.

    If there is not some way to have reliable file access without false corruption obstacles, I keep things on HDD and flash drive then no need for Box Drive and whatever else they try to sell.  terabytes of flash drive are very cheap.

    What do you advise?

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