Box Drive Syncing

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  • Kara Hoffman

    Hello!  Box Sync uses the blue checks that you see when you login to the website.  This dictates syncing for all the devices you're signed into box Sync with the same account.  So if you had two computers on Box Sync with the same account, they both would have those checked folders downloaded.  Box Drive works differently- they don't care at all about the blue checks.  Instead, you're supposed to, on your computer (finder or file explorer) right click and choose "Make Available Offline" and that will download that folder only to that computer.  the cloud symbol, to my knowledge, let's you download the folder, but will "release" that download locally from your machine after a certain period of time or maybe when the cache hits a certain point.  Know that I've not had excellent luck with "make available offline" myself, but understanding how box sync and box drive are different is really helpful.  

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  • Tamlyn Samuels

    How did I not spot ‘make available online’ thank you, this has solved the problem! A bit of a shame I can’t set that in the project folder and only the sub folders, but definitely workable. Thank you!

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