Question about GetUserInfo method of the Box API.




  • Bibek

    Hello there,

    You may be doing it wrong here. If you just need one collaborator to view other collaborator info, you should perform theses steps :

    • GET /folders/{id}/collaborations   to get the collaboration ID for a specific folder, if there are 3 collaborators then there will be 3 result sets with different collaborator IDs. Use these IDs to get the collaborator information as shown in next step
    • use the individual COLLAB_ID that you obtained from step one and fed it to /collaborations/COLLAB_ID where you will get all the information about the collaborators (login, role etc).

    You do not need to use GetUserInfo in the case like this. That is only used for Admin purpose to read file contents of other users and so on with "As-User" feature which must be enabled for your API key by requesting a Box via ticket or call.

    Hope this helps.




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  • jiangmz

    Thanks for answering! I will check the collaborations api.



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