Regarding Refresh access token expiring in 1 hour




  • rocks

    Hi  - Are you referring to the Windows SDK v2 ? (  If so, depending on which platform you are building on you can view sample code where you can input your Client ID, Secret and Redirect URI





    1) Developer tokens are only good for testing but not advised for long term application delivery
    as they expire every 60 minutes and must be manually regenerated by the developer.
    2) Access tokens also expire every 60 minutes but they are generated as a “pair” of related
    Access and Refresh tokens. The refresh tokens are valid for up to 60 days and can be used any time in
    that period to call the Box OAuth service and return a new pair of valid Access & Refresh tokens.
    During application design you should decide where you will store these tokens (token-information.txt / database / csv ) and when to make a refresh call.
    Here is an in depth tutuorial to generate your first pair of Access and Refresh tokens
    Other links which may be useful: 
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