Webhooks V2 Limits




  • AaronV

    Hello and thank you for bearing with us - I missed this when originally posed but one of my colleagues sent it my way.


    You are correct that when creating a webhook, you are not specifying a user. That said, the token used to create it includes who the user is (along with permissions and a few other things). That's how our system knows/tracks that.


    Say Alice has app A and app B. App A can create up to 1,000 webhooks as Alice. App B can allso create up to 1,000 webhooks. User Bob can now do the same as well, with app A and B. When we say "create up to 1,000 webhooks" we mean that the app an set notifications on up to 1,000 resources (files or folders, at this point). So Alice's App A could set a webhook on 1,000 folders to notify of uploads, for example.

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  • jasonysim

    Hi! Does this mean that if there are 100 child folders in a parent folder, and if a webhook is set on the parent folder, that 100 is counted against the 1000?

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  • danielsperoni

    Hi, I have the same question as above in terms of the limit to the number of webhooks and do webhooks added to child folders count against that total? So if I have 999 webhooks will it not add webhooks to another folder with two child folders?


    Also, is this limit planning to go away at some point? Can we pay to increase this limit?



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  • ddevendr

    Do we have answer to the above question.




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